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 2021 Communion and Liberation Priest Retreat

Only one thing I long, to live in the house of the Lord

 April 5-9 Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center, North Palm Beach, FL

To be good priests, you first of all have to be men, to feel what men feel. Live the relationship with everything that becomes present. Live the truth of your humanity. Cry because you need to cry - or you are afraid, because the problem is difficult and you feel the inadequacy of your strength. Be human; live your humanity as an aspiration, as a sensitivity to the problems, as a risk to face, as a faithfulness to what God makes urgent in your soul. In this way, reality will appear to your eyes in a true way.

Luigi Giussani

Each year we gather during the Octave of Easter to spend some time with the Risen Lord in and through our companionship with one another. We are going to reflect on the priesthood as essential to the church's proclamation of the Gospel in today's culture. We will gather at Our Lady of Florida Retreat Center, 1300 U.S. Highway One, North Palm Beach, FL 33408-3294 ( The retreat will start with dinner on Monday, April 5, and end with lunch on Friday, April 9. Check-in is at 3 pm on April 5. The price of the retreat is $490 per person. For all inquires contact Olivetta Danese at or 914-548-1275.

Fr. José  Medina FSCB   
Retreat Preacher

Fr. José Medina is the national leader of Communion and Liberation.

Fr. Medina has devoted much of his professional career to the world of education first as teacher of physics and mathematics in Washington DC and Boston, and than as principal of Cristo Rey Boston.

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