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Fraternity of Communion and Liberation

The Fraternity of CL is a universal Association of beleivers recognzed by the Pontifical Council for the Laity on February 11,1982.  These are adults who freely commit themselves to following Christ and the Church according to the method provided by the founder. Today, the Fraternity groups-spread all over the world--count about 60,000 adults, enganged in their path to holiness , which they recognize as the purpose of existence and of their mutal friendship.  


Organized by The Association of Medicine and the Person (AAMP), the MedConference is a three-day medical conference for physicians, nurses, students, and other medical professionals.


The MedConference proposes that the specific mission of the medical proffesion includes 3 main objectives: to cure the patient or at least to attempt to prevennt further devolopment of disease, to alleviate associated painful symptoms, espcially in advance stages of ilness, and to attend to all the sick person's needs and expectations.


AVSI – The Association of Volunteers in International Service is an international not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in Italy in 1972. AVSI’s mission is to support human development in developing countries with special attention to education and the promotion of the dignity of every human person, according to Catholic social teaching.


AVSI-USA opened its doors in 2001, first in New York City and subsequently in Washington, D.C., in response to the need for a presence in the U.S. 

New York Encounter

The New York Encounter (NYE) is an annual three-day public cultrual fesitval in the heart of New York City. 


NYE strives to witness to the new life and knowledge generated by the faith, following Pope Benedict's claim that "the intelligence of faith has to become the intelligence of reality."


Through a vast array of conferences, artistic performances, and exhibits, NYE explore the relation between faith, culture, and life.



Crossroads Cultral Center

Crossroads Cultural Center was established in 2004 by members of Communion and Liberation who shared an interest in the relationship between religion and culture.  Our goal is to offer opportunities for education, making it possible to look with openness, curiosity, and critical judgment at every aspect of reality. 


Traces Magazine is the Englush edition of the internation magazine of communion and Liberation. offers a fresh perspective on culture, society, and civic life through the lends of the Catholic faith.  Ouir aim is to be a window into the discovery of the full depth of our human experience. 
Human Adventure Books
Born within the life of the Catholic ecclesial movement of Communion & Liberation,
Human Adventure Books seeks to publish books which document the human adventure. Here you will find a collection of books including novels, essays, and poetry, books by Luigi Giussani, which are often diffcult to find through the usual outlets.



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